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Sunday, October 14, 2007

ha. so much for posting more here.
1 day more to school reopening though, so...a quick sum up of the "one month holiday". thats in inverted commas, for reasons im sure all OT peeps will know. bah to our workload!

did a whole load of fyp. argh, fyp. on the bright side, spent a lot of quality time with the dc team, which was...bonding. times spent laughing in the cafeteria about honeybunny and his latest exploits, talking about upcoming stuff, and confessions with sh over dusty files...you guys make me smile.

rounding up shs succession. we're almost there...just a few hiccups to get past, but still, almost there! :) positive thinking positive thinking.

on the personal front....heh. rearrangment and changing of status.events happening in my life, leading to actions taken on my part. wounded hearts.
it may sound unsympathetic when im not the victim here, but i do feel very bad about the way things turn out.
having said that though, relationships are someting which really have to take a back seat at this point of time in my life. and i learn a truth in my life: it is impossible to care as much as i want to for everyone i know.

finally. im sure u all know me as someone...who's not very careful with her things. so, it'll probably not surprise you to know that i lost my wallet, yesterday, in cinelesiure. this time though, i honestly dont know what went wrong. i distinctly remember putting it in my bag, and not taking it out. but then....
*sigh* as if im not financially strained already.
no worries though. i'll deal.
sleeping it over helped. a little.

time to face the world again.

7:34 AM


Thursday, September 20, 2007

haha am working on updating more here. so. :)

yesterday was guitarissimo's (smu's guitar club) thank-you-and-welcome chillout at...frujtch? is that how you spell it? anyway, cafe-like place in smu.

having helped out with the concert, and having had a lot of fun with them the last time, i dropped by. had a lot of fun again! an evening of good music, crazy company and a fun place. what more could a gal ask for. :)
hello! :P

haha you can see i was a bit of a photowhore last night. but it was honestly funny, as people would just pick up my cam and aim it at me. so anyhow pose lor. haha.

haha PAP guy! :P this was just before all the card gmes started methinks...


and sandwich for you? she's still too ridiculously cute. cant take it. haha.

9:22 AM


photospam part 2: bday picnic.
the babes v nicely organised a bday picnic for me on my birthday's eve. pics for u!

firstly the main players -

"oh why, oh why are there SO MANY CARS"
"who cares. kissies to the cars!"

"could not be bothered either. ooh, and oportunity to act cute!"
steph: "i look sexy cuz i have wasabe peas!"

lai: "why did i not hop on that bus and get away from the madness"

hey! a fragile, innocent leaf!
.......and my two kindhearted, loving friends. SIGH.

lai: "no la...."

steph: "yes! so go do it now!"

the most game person that they, tired and annoyed with her 2 shutterbug friends who kept taking photos, she sitll can smile so sweetly. if it was me, i'll be stoping tover to destroy ur cam i tell u.

i look like this because.....

i am trying to light this candle 21 times. which is quite a feat for someone who didnt know how to use a normal lighter before this! and yes FINE, im a wimp. its just not east to use u know! haha.

the food before.......

and after. i feel like a pig man.

story behind this photo: for some unknown reason, there was a bunch of people filming a bolloywood (i kid u not. it had all the traditional bollywood things!) mtv. the're the small people behind lai, who is demonstrating how she will audition for the lead role. :P

lai loves grapes!

u might not be able to see clearly in this pic, but lai is actually tossing champange grapes at steph, who is attempting to catch them with her mouth. in reality the grapes ended up EVERYWHERE. steph ended up sitting on one i believe. lol.

"kiss my hand!!"

steph looks desperate to get into the drame. photowhoring becomes a lot more difficult when u try to fit 3 heads into the frame. haha.

steph! are u holding a flower?

"no its the stalk of grapes after i finished all the grapes on it"

another ridiculously cute picture of her tho. lol.

12:16 AM


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

how lai looks like when she's concentrating. okay not really. lai dont kill me!!

lai: im going to take more photos of you!!!

this is kinda cool in a sci fi way. :P

lai trying to make me look like a pig. lol.
was looking at the bottom left photo. dont u think thats a really strange way to hold the carton? haha, i have abnormal motor patterns.

posed photo of picknicking.

failed posed photo. i cant move fast enough la.

no, i really dont know how to pose for photos.

the other 2 look pretty good though, so focus on them instead. haha.

and that, boys and girls, is how you look like when u stuff 100 champange grapes into your mouth! :)

we all look so constipated. haha.

11:51 AM


haha this is bad of me. i keep promising photospam, but i never deliever. so now here u go! :) squid outing (01/09/07)

this is so adorable.

this pic amuses me. it also amuses me to think wj is going to hate this pic. :P

yay nice couple shot!

isnt it amazing what u can do with camera modes. :)

Chio bu alert!

noel's expression here is priceless. u can see hp agrees with me.

couple pic!!

and yes wj, i still think u look like an elephant in tis picture. haha.

10:52 AM


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and ive finally gotten through 8 weeks of attachment.
how does one describe challenge, exhaustion, frustration and a great deal of stress woven together to make up 1 exciting yet horribly draining attachment.
thinking of my upcoming action filled hols doesnt do much to lower my exhaustion levels.
when am i just going to get a moment of total peace and quiet to myself?! hai.
anyways. quick picture spam here just to bring u all up to date.

quick sum up of CE 3B: a photographic representation.

so many pathways to explore, so many things to do. they tend to stretch out into the distance, looming before you. it took me a while to master the trick of just taking it one step at the time, and trusting that everything will work out in the end.

even though i wasnt the only one at this centre, placements tend to give me a fundamentally alone feeling...that you are on your own, you have to watch out and take care of yourself...

much like being a therapist, on your own, i guess.

its all worth it at the end though, just like a beautiful sunset at the end of a long tiring day.

12:08 AM


Thursday, September 13, 2007

3 more days to end of attachment.
4 more days to guitar concert.
and the 1 person helping me keep it all together.

1:41 AM


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

time to brush away all the cobwebs from this journal! lol. i know ive been gone an awfully long time, so providing a comprehensive report of what ive been up too all this time would be taxing and (trust me,) extremely boring. will just try to post short but quick updates ba.


"i can look good even with cake on my nose!" okay, not really, but haha what to do, the placement of the spoon was just nice. :P


my morning spot for the past 5 weeks. scramble of updating patient notes and reviewing my treatment plans.

haha as it turns out i have no energy or time to do more,so this is it for now. hope everyone else is fine!


10:19 PM


Thursday, August 02, 2007

someone said, "you havnt posted in a long time."
i replied, "thats cuz ive learned how to prioritise"
and even though he couldnt see it, i smiled into the phone.

so this for you! :)

Don’t wantcha for the weekend – don’t wantcha for a night
I’m only interested if I can have you for life – yeah
Uh, I know I sound serious – and baby I am
You’re a fine piece of real estate,
and I’m gonna get me some and
Oh, yeah
So, don’t try to run – honey, love can be fun
There’s no need to be alone – when you find that someone

I’m gonna getcha while I gotcha in sight
I’m gonna getcha if it takes all night
You can betcha by the time I say “go,” you’ll never say “no”
I’m gonna getcha, it’s a matter of fact
I’m gonna getcha, don’tcha worry ‘bout that
You can bet your bottom dollar, in time you’re gonna be mine
Just like I should – I’ll getcha good.
(Shaina Twain - Im gonna getcha good)

9:02 PM